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Visual Facilitation

Visual Facilitation is a method to lead teams during a workshop to new insights, ideas and goals via large scale visuals and canvases created in advance. It is evident that groups collaborate more effectively and are more engaged when they can visually follow the process. New associations and perspectives emerge and are build on by the workshop participants.

Visualization is used to identify key questions, collect information, develop structures, uncover conflicts and point out problems. The individual visualizations can include consolidated interviews, is-states of processes,

strategy pictures/road maps, game plans, business model canvases and many more. The visual facilitator works closely with the moderator or is both in one. Visual Facilitation is extremely effective when methodically embedded in a design thinking, innovation or business model workshop.

Suitable for: Workshops, meetings, trainings, discussion groups

Of course I offer visualizations of complex contents also outside of a workshop!