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Design Thinking Enablement

Promoting a culture of innovation - anchoring design thinking strategically in the organization
The added value that design thinking can achieve for an organization is measurable: the Design Value Index determined by the Design Management Institute in Boston, MA, USA, shows a clear correlation between the strategic use of design thinking and increased business success.

If Design Thinking is to have a lasting effect in the company, it must have its own 'home' there and become part of the DNA as a way of thinking and working. Process, methods and mindset are applied and lived as an internal approach as well as offered as a service in customer projects.

For this purpose, suitable 'Ambassadors' are identified and a small group of employees are trained over 4 development stages over a period of about half a year to become Design Thinking experts. Building on stages 1 (awareness) and 2 (participation in Design Thinking workshops / knowledge of processes and methods), stages 3 and 4 are carried out directly in suitable customer projects (lighthouse projects), either by forming a joint moderation tandem or by close coaching and individual support. This way, the necessary competencies are built up and tested directly on the project.

  • Conception and preparation of a workshop
  • warm-ups and energizers
  • Infuse / Inspire
  • Team building methods
  • Execution of a briefing call
  • agenda setting
  • Conducting an interview on the current status
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Dealing with challenging situations

The goal is to train internal design thinking experts (level 4), who actively coach design thinking and innovation processes and actively support and advance the training of further coaches and facilitators in the company.

In parallel, input is given in building own assets (visuals, canvases, method cards, questionnaires, etc.) relevant for scaling (live and remote workshops) as well as a suitable DT space, etc.
This way Design Thinking can unfold its full strategic impact, make the organization more innovative in a sustainable way, be the driver to initiate the necessary cultural change and transform the entire organization.