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Design Thinking Workshop

Want to make a difference for your customers? A more customer centric approch is needed? The team is not aligned on goals and new process models? This is when a Design Thinking Workshop will help.

In our workshops, we create a joint view on the root cause problem and sharpen the challenge. We shed light on the current situation and uncover the underlying user needs. On this basis, we create new processes, services or products, that create value for your customers. We make ideas and scenarios tangible by means of prototyping. Together we qualify these scenarios with regard to user needs, business case and feasibility and Identify the next steps.

In this hands-on workshop you will experience the Design Thinking method and mindset. You will put yourself in the shoes of your customers and develop empathy and a deep understanding of their goals and needs. During the process you will apply user centered methods and be exposed to the mindset necessary for innovation.

Workshop duration: one to two days

Target group: Persons who would like to apply and promote the Design Thinking approach within their company themselves. Target groups can be individuals from different departments of the company or complete teams.