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Design Thinking - People Process Space

Design Thinking is process and mindset.

THE success factors in Design Thinking are:

A multidisciplinary Team
In order to understand problems and develop new solutions, a cross-departmental team is needed in which the participants work together constructively and openly across hierarchical levels. The individual participants should have a profound knowledge and depth in their discipline but also the openness to work on new ideas with other participants across silos (T-shaped).

An iterative process
Creative tools and methods only unfold their full power if they are Applied in

the right way. For this reason, the workshop moderators guide the group through the entire Design Thinking process: starting with an understanding of the current status and the underlying problems, through the often not obvious and articulated needs of users, to the most promising solution idea, which is initially evaluated on a prototype.

An inspiring space

The positive influence of the space is one of the most underestimated success factors of Design Thinking Workshops. Studies show that the creative performance of participants in a 'normal' meeting room (conference seating, beamer, PowerPoint) is reduced by 50%. The physical agility of the participants to move actively in the room while participating has a positive influence on the agility of the thinking.