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Irina Pfenning

Irina Pfenning // Strategic Designer. Design Thinking Expert

After working as a concept and product developer at Fitch in Boston, USA, Springtime Industrial Design in Amsterdam and at the mountain bike manufacturer Rotwild in Dieburg, Irina Pfenning has been working as an independent design consultant for 20 years.

She supports companies in strategically and methodically establishing and expanding UX and Design Thinking in organizations, creates visual solutions for teams, meetings and organizations driving innovation and change processes, applies design methods and processes within Design Thinking workshops to a broader range of (business) topics and problems. Visualization serves as a key to uncover interrelationships and approaches to solutions and to accelerate and deepen team processes. In formats individually adapted to the needs of the company, its employees are familiarized with the methods and specific toolkits are developed to establish and scale Design Thinking in the organization.

Her focus:

  • Design Thinking and innovation methods
  • Visual communication / visual facilitation
  • Concept development
  • user experience
  • Circular Design

Since 2005 Irina Pfenning has been developing and facilitating workshops and lectures on innovation, customer experience, Design Thinking, circular design, social innovation and visualization (for organizations and educational institutions such as University of Mannheim, DHBW Mannheim / Karlsruhe, Mannheim Business School, University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen, Graduate School Rhein-Neckar, SRH Heidelberg).