The most innovative companies in the world* share one thing in common. They use design as an integrative resource to innovate more efficiently and successfully. Yet many businesses don’t make it a priority to invest in design - often because the value of design is hard to measure and define as a business strategy. The DMI Design Value Index has taken the mystery out of measurement, demonstrating that an unequivocal financial advantage is attributable to those that do dare to make design a priority.

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source: Design Management Institute

total value

Nathan Shedroff @DMIfeed says firms Total Value is more than financial value. MBAs sometimes miss it #qualvs.quant

8:23 PM - 6 Nov 2013 from Boston, MA, United States
source: Twitter @innovateopen, DMI. org

Great designers don't need the dark arts to succeed. (Great article by Daniel Burka on fastco design)

Designers can be tempted to cut corners to get the job done. Whether you're a designer—or a CEO, a product manager, or an engineer who works with designers—you'll want to watch out for these shortcuts. Great designers don't need the dark arts to succeed.

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