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the ‘heldenprinzip’ - A creative approach to innovation and change

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research project Innovative Dramaturgy according to the Heldenprinzip at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK) and Berlin Career College.

Innovation means change, a step in the unknown and unstructured - the process of change itself has a certain structure. To cope with uncertainty and to unleash the necessary personal potential, the Berlin University of the Arts together with Berlin Career College introduced a very artistic, creative method to the business of consulting: The Heldenprinzip (Hero-Principle).

The adoption of cultural strategies to cope with change, to deal with unplanned, chaotic circumstances is very interesting. It is based on myth and storytelling. On his quest of the grail, the protagonist (or the organization) has to pass through a specific structure of 12 steps. The journey consists of the three major phases of change: Awakening, adventure and return. Take a look and enjoy!

Innovation, storytelling