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creativity, design and design thinking

Often the words design, design thinking and creativity are used interchangeably - I want to share George Kembels’ (Co-Founder and Executive Director, Stanford) model from his discussion with Oliviero Toscani at the d.confestival in Potsdam 2012 (watch at 00.26)

innovation 3

Creativity is the spirit, the attitude and bravery to try something new, to be open to the unexpected. Design is the creative act, the ‘making’ of and bringing something new to the world, wheater its a product, service or business model. Design thinking is the ‘how to’, the approach, the mindset and behaviors on the way.

All three of them will come into play in the type of next generations workers and innovators. It won’t be owned by a certain group of people - creativity is something everybody has.

design thinking, creativity, Innovation